Guzzi Designs

A design study at the anima Moto Guzzi site shows us another promissing future. If only half of the concepts reach the production stage, there will be quit something to choose.
from anima guzzisti

Retro lines and colors going back to the Nuovo Falcone civil and the V7-750. Not bad at all, especial the colors are lovely.

from anima guzzisti

A design study that goes beyond lines and colors is this re-incarnation of the otto cilindra V8. In the Green-Brown and polished-metal colors of  its 1955 predecesor. It is said that a prototype of the engine is already build up!!
That would give a dramatic new impulse to the continuation of Guzzi's on the international racetracks.

otto from
In this image it is a shiny red fairing, green was the more common color.

from anima moto guzzi

It would be nice to have something like this, for certain occasions. On the other hand it would be parked in the garage for the larger part of the year.
V7-sport with sidecar

Een trike op basis van een V1000 Convert uit Awol vol2 nr7. Een Brits tijdschrift over de subcultuur van motorrijdend Engeland.

De LM volgens Motorrad in tijdschrift nr. 23 van 27 oktober 2000.

Een cartoon van de V11 Sport van MGNOC


Glynn Kerr Lemans

Glynn Kerr Sport Guzzi

Supergave LeMans 1000 (...kennelijk) van de MG Database